Nationality Southern Air Temple
Gender Male
Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker

Appa is Avatar Aang's sky bison, a species of flying animals used for long distance travel by the Air Nomads. For the last century, Appa and Aang had been frozen in a ball of ice, which makes them both the last of their kind. He help transport Aang and his newfound friends, Katara and her brother Sokka, on their journey to the Northern Water Tribe.

Appa roars

Appa roars during the Siege of the North.


  • Appa's voice is played by Dee Bradley Baker, the same man who voiced Appa in the TV series.
  • Appa is displayed in the The Last Airbender by computer animation and special effects.
  • There are several differences between the appearance of Appa in the television show and that of Appa in the movie. The differences include the shape of his horns, head, muzzle, face, legs, and his size.
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