"Fire Nation sent soldiers. We fought them and defeated them. Then they sent their machines, huge machines made of metal. There was nothing we could do. Those who could not bend were allowed to live in peace, if we were imprisoned."
— Earthbending father explaining to Aang how bending was suppressed in his village
Earthbending father
Earthbending father
Nationality Earth Kingdom
Gender Male
Played by Keong Sim

The Earthbending father was one of the Earthbenders imprisoned in their own village, to allow non-bending villagers to live in peace. He was later reunited with his son, who was arrested for Earth-bending tiny stones at Fire Nation soldiers.


His village was attacked by the Fire Nation before the beginning of the film. He and the other Earthbenders managed to defeat the invaders at first, but they were powerless when the Fire Nation came back with their war machines. As a term of surrender, the non-benders of the village were allowed to live in peace, if the Earthbenders were imprisoned and Earthbending forbidden. Their Earthbending-related tools were also confiscated. His son was later captured with Aang and his friends, but they were reunited in the prison camp.

Upon inquiry, he explained the situation to Aang. When his son Earthbent a pebble at the lead soldier, he Earth-blocked a retaliatory fire attack, even though it was not acceptable for any prisoner to defend another. He held his son close, waiting to be finished off by a combined attack from two Firebenders when they were protected by a large earth-barrier, raised by six Earthbenders bending in unison.


  • This character in The Last Airbender serves a similar role to Tyro. However, the Earthbending father was noticeably younger than Tyro in the movie.
  • His village has a statue of Avatar Kyoshi.