"[Monk Gyatso]'s the teacher responsible for me. He's kind of like my father."
Aang describing Monk Gyatso to Sokka and Katara in The Last Airbender
Nationality Southern Air Temple
Gender Male
Played by Damon Gupton

Monk Gyatso was Aang's mentor and guardian. The two were very close; Aang described him as "kind of like his father", also giving Gyatso a necklace. At the ceremony where Aang was to accept his role as the Avatar, Gyatso was present, looking up to give Aang an extra vote of confidence. Aang could not accept the responsibility and being separated from his friends and family, so he ran away. When Aang returned, he was shocked to learn that a hundred years had passed and Gyatso killed in the Air Nomad Genocide in his absence. This guilt had a profound impact on Aang during the film.


  • Contrary to his elderly animated counterpart, Gyatso appears to be a somewhat younger man in the film.
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