"The Fire Nation doesn't wish to live by the Spirits. That's why they're so frightened by the existence of the Avatar. With his mastery of the four elements, he will begin to change hearts. And it is in the heart that all wars are won."
— Kanna in The Last Airbender.
Katara's Grandma
Katara's Grandma
Nationality Southern Water Tribe
Gender Female
Played by Katharine Houghton

Katara's Grandma refer to Katara and Sokka's caring grandmother. She is one of the oldest people in the Southern Water Tribe. She told Katara and Sokka about the Spirit World and the spiritual creatures that lived among them, and she believed that Aang was the long-lost Avatar.


A few years before the beginning of the film, Kanna's son left to fight in the Hundred Year War, leaving her with Sokka and Katara. At the beginning of the film, she is taken captive by Zuko until one of his soldiers brought Aang to him. She then proceeds to tell Sokka and Katara that they need to save Aang.


  • Her actual name was not mentioned in the film, but her counterpart's name in animated series name is Kanna, who is called Gran-Gran instead of Grandma.
  • In the animated series, Kanna was the only member of the Southern Water Tribe wearing purple while others wore blue, which highlights her character from rest, especially from the other elderly. In the film, Kanna, along with Sokka and Katara, were the only Caucasian actors, others were mostly cast with Inuit extras. This may also be explained with Kanna (like her animated counterpart) being formerly from the Northern Water Tribe, which was mostly cast with white actors.
  • She also mentions Hama, her old friend from when she was younger; however, we do not learn of who Hama is until Book Three: Fire of the animated series.
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