Nationality Southern Air Temple
Gender Male
Voiced by Dee Bradley Baker

Momo is Avatar Aang's flying lemur-bat and the only remainder of his species still known to have survived the Air Nomad Genocide. Momo was found by Aang in the Southern Air Temple. After this, he traveled with Aang, Katara and Sokka to the Northern Water Tribe.


  • Momo is shown in The Last Airbender as a fully CGI-rendered creature.[1]
  • Momo's voice was played by Dee Bradley Baker, who has also voiced Momo in the TV series as well.
  • Aang refered Momo's species as a "flying lemur-bat" but it is called a "winged lemur" in the TV series.
  • The name "Momo" was mentioned once in the whole film, by Aang at the Spirit Oasis. Momo was not shown named on-screen.


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