Ocean and Moon Spirits with Zhao

"They are called many names: Yin and Yang, Push and Pull... " - Zhao

As with the animated series, the Ocean Spirit was incarnated in a form of a black koi fish, while the Moon Spirit in a form of a white koi fish. However, their genders, abilities, and names may have been switched in the film, as suggested when Zhao said to Iroh, "They are called many names: Yin and Yang, Push and Pull... may I introduce you to the mysterious Ocean and Moon Spirits". This may be compared to what Koh said to Aang in the episode The Siege of the North (Part 2): "Tui and La, your Moon and Ocean, have always circled each other in an eternal dance. They balance each other: push and pull, life and death, good and evil, Yin and Yang."
  • This aligned the Spirits with the real world convention of Yin and Yang, with Ocean Spirit as black Yin for female and Moon Spirit as white Yang for male. When Iroh noticed that Yue was anointed by the Moon Spirit, Yue said to Iroh "He gave me life when I was a child." In contrast with the animated series, the Moon Spirit was female.
  • Their abilities can be associated with real world physics: our Ocean "push" the Water to the shore with its wave power, while our Moon "pull" the Water with its gravitational pull. Hence, the Waterbenders may use the Moon to lift the Water into large tentacles and suspend it in mid-air like in "zero-gravity" manner. The mechanics of the gigantic tidal wave may be explained with Aang using the Ocean to push a large body of water against the fort walls and the Moon to pull it high towards the sky.
  • Ocean Spirit had also been named Push (推, Tuī) and Moon Spirit also named Pull (拉, Lā). They were not explicitly named in Chinese for the film, possibly to prevent confusion with Tui for Moon Spirit and La for Ocean Spirit in the animated series.
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