The story opens with a scrolling text narrated by Katara
Katara Narration: A hundred years ago, all was right with our world. Prosperity and peace filled our days. The Four Nations: Water, Earth, Fire and Air Nomads lived amongst each other in harmony. Great respect was afforded to all those who could bend their natural element. The Avatar was the only person born amongst all the nations who could master all four elements. He was the only one who could communicate with the Spirit World. With the Spirits' guidance, the Avatar kept balance in the world.
Katara then continued with single text on screen:
Katara Narration: And then, a hundred years ago, he just disappeared.

Act I, The Boy in the Iceberg

Katara was practicing her Waterbending by lifting a sphere of water which she then accidentally dropped on her brother, Sokka.
Katara I'm sorry. I'm sorry!
Katara Hey, I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry.....
Katara I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Hey! It worked better that time.
Katara I thought about Mom. Isn't that strange?
Sokka Yeah. I guess so. Just stop doing that stuff around me. I always get wet.
Katara accompanied Sokka hunt for food for their tribe.
Katara Narration: My brother and I live in the Southern Water Tribe, which was once a big city. Our father is off fighting in The War. My mother was taken prisoner and killed when I was young.In this time of war, food is scarce.My brother and I often go hunting for food, but, unfortunately, my brother isn't the best hunter in the world.
Sokka followed the tiger seal tracks, leading them out to the vast open field of ice
Sokka Tiger seal.
Katara Are you sure?
Sokka I did everything Dad said to do. I watched which side of the fin tracks are more indented. That shows which direction they're going. I saw how long the drag skids are. That shows you how fast they're going.
Katara There's something under there.
Sokka used his boomerang to crack the floor open but the cracks expanded and started a cave-in.
Sokka It's a cave-in! Move away from the cracks.
A large ice sphere emerged from the cracks with a silhouette of a person inside it.
Sokka Katara, don't go near it. This is probably some Fire Nation trick. Just back away really slow.
As Sokka turned around, Katara grabbed his boomerang and use it to crack the sphere.
Sokka Katara! Do not hit that sphere!
The ice sphere broke part, shooting a bright light high to the sky, which caught the attention of Prince Zuko on a faraway ship
Zuko Uncle, look!
In the resulting ice crater, Katara and Sokka slid down to discover a thirteen-year-old boy, Aang, alive but exhausted, with his large six-legged bison creature, Appa.
Katara Is he breathing?
Sokka Did you see that light shoot into the sky?
Katara What's your name? How did you get here? How did you get in the ice?
The boy turned towards Katara but was too tired to speak
Katara He's exhausted.
Katara We need to get him back to the village.
Sokka poked around Appa, still sleeping
Sokka What is this thing?
Appa's tail accidentally landed on top of Sokka
Sokka It's trying to eat me!
Aang was taken back to the village where he soon recovered in an igloo. Appa followed them home off-screen, much to the amazement of the villagers
Villager Look. See?
Katara entered the igloo where the boy was recovering. He was dressing up - Katara saw the tattoos on his back
Katara How'd you get all the way out here?
Aang I ran away from home. We got in a storm. We were forced under the water of the ocean.
Katara I see.
Aang It wasn't very smart. I was just upset. Thanks for saving me.
Katara Lucky.
Aang I probably should get home. They'll all be worried.
Katara You're not still upset?
Aang Not as much as I was.
Outside, Zuko's ship was smashing through the icy landscape towards the village.Sokka later led a train of children into the igloo
Sokka The Fire Nation is here.
Katara What?
Sokka And they brought their machines.
Katara was heading out of the igloo with Sokka, then turned to Aang
Katara Don't come out till I tell you it's safe.
Aang Is something wrong?
Katara No. Please wait here.
Zuko entered the village with his men.
Zuko's Soldier Hurry, now!
Zuko's Soldier Secure the area.
Sokka It can't be coincidence that we break him out of the ice, light shoots into the sky and now the Fire Nation is here with their machines.
Sokka reached for his boomerang behind him, about to use it against Zuko
Katara Sokka, don't.
Zuko took off his helmet before addressing the villagers.
Zuko I am Prince Zuko... son of Fire Lord Ozai and heir to the throne! Bring me...all your elderly!
Child Villager Papa!
Zuko's Soldier Move!
Villager Yeah?
Katara Grandma!
Villager Please don't... don't harm him!
Zuko's Soldier Come on!
The soldiers then took out several elderly villagers, including Kanna, the grandmother of Sokka and Katara. Furious, Katara was about to use her Waterbending.
Sokka Katara, don't.
Zuko's Soldier Form a line
Zuko's Soldier Come on!
Zuko's Soldier Here.
Villager Hey.
Child Villager Grammy!
One of the soldiers found Aang in the igloo with some children. Upon noticing his tattoos, he was brought to Zuko. Zuko was astonished to find the tattoos that he seemingly recognized its significance.
Aang You're scaring these people.
Zuko Who are you? What's your name!?
Aang I don't need to tell you anything.
Zuko Firebenders!
Firebenders moved into positions.
Zuko I'm taking you to my ship. If you don't come, I'll burn down this village.
Aang I'll go with you. Don't hurt anyone.
Aang followed Zuko and his men to the ship. The villagers were moving closer when a Firebender sent out flame over their heads. Sokka and the villagers ducked. They helplessly watched Aang being taken away. The scene cut to the igloo.
Sokka They were looking for someone old and they were looking for someone with the same markings the boy had.
Katara They dragged Mom away the same way when we were babies. She wouldn't have watched us being taken away. She would have fought. We found that boy. He's our responsibility. We should fight. What would you do if they tried to take me away?
Sokka I'd kill them all.
Katara Why?
Sokka Because you're my sister. Because Dad told me to protect you with my life.
Katara Because I'm your responsibility. And this boy is our responsibility.
Sokka What do you want us to do, Katara? How are we supposed to save him? They're on a ship. We'd need a miracle to catch them. I know you think everything's going to work out, but I don't.
Appa has been wailing louder and louder. When Sokka and Katara heard the sound of laughing children, they immediately went outside to see what was going on. The bison creature floated in the air as if wanting to follow his master, but was held back out of concern of the children hanging dangerously off his feet.
Katara His bison creature thing floats.
Zuko's ship moved across the icy waters. Aang was kept in a room. The door opened, and Iroh and Zuko walked in. Iroh was amazed to see a young surviving Airbender.
Aang What do you want with me?
Iroh My nephew wants me to perform a little test on you.
Aang What kind of test?
Iroh I assure you, it won't hurt. I've performed it hundreds of times. It only takes a few moments. And then you're free to go. Would you mind if I put a few things in front of you at the table? It will only take a moment.
Aang That's all you want?
Iroh My name is Iroh, and you have my word.
Sokka and Katara was in the igloo with Katara's Grandma.
Katara Grandma, I know you're gonna try to stop us, but this is just something I need...
Grandma Sit down.
Grandma I knew from the first time we discovered you were a Bender, that one day, I would realize your destiny. There hasn't been a Waterbender in the Southern Water Tribe since my friend Hama was taken away. Today, I found out that destiny. Did you see that boy's tattoos?
Sokka and Katara nodded.
Grandma Tattoos like that haven't been seen in over a century. I believe they are Airbending tattoos.
Katara How can that be?
Grandma I believe that little boy might be the Avatar.
Katara's Grandma pulled out a Map of the World
Grandma Once, a long time ago, the Spirit World kept balance over us.
Katara What is the Spirit World, Grandma?
Grandma It's not a place made up of things you can touch. But it exists, nonetheless. It is filled with the most amazing forms of dazzling creatures... that exist in the most exotic valleys, mountains and forests. Each of these creatures is a Spirit. They've watched over us since the beginning. They have guided us. And only the Avatar can go speak to them.
Katara Aren't there Spirits here?
Grandma Yes, there are some Spirits that live hidden among us, sure they're watching us with great sadness... The Fire Nation doesn't wish to live by the Spirits. That's why they're so frightened by the existence of the Avatar.
Katara What can he do?
Grandma With his mastery of the four elements, he will begin to change hearts. And it is in the heart that all wars are won. Now, go help this boy. He will need you two. And we all need him.
Zuko's uncle, Iroh, conducted a few test on Aang, after assuring him the test would be painless and once complete, he would be free to go. The test involved a candle flame that seemed to be drawn towards to him, a poured water that formed a circle on the table and a smooth rock that stood on an unstable position.
Zuko You are my prisoner... Airbender. I'm taking you back to the Fire Nation.
Aang You said...
Iroh I apologize. I should have explained further. If you failed the test, as all others did, you were free to leave. But, as it turns out, you are the only one in the entire world who could pass this test. It is truly an honor to be in your presence.
Zuko Don't even try to escape. This is a warship...!
Aang lept over the table and over Zuko and Iroh, then landed behind them. With he propeled himself backward with Airbending through the door that was left open
Zuko Stop! There's no way you can...
With Airbending, the door was shut, trapping Zuko and Iroh inside, i.e. the door can only be opened from the outside. The three guards outside saw Aang then approached slowly to capture him. Aang pinned them against the well with Airbending, then went up to upper deck, grabbing his staff along the way. Out in the open sea, he looked around, then saw Appa landing at a distant icy cliff
Zuko managed to get out of the holding room and came to the upper deck with his men. Aang spun around and turned his staff into a glider.
Zuko Don't move! You have nowhere to run!
Aang then race across the deck to the bow of the ship, chased by Zuko and his men.
Zuko's Soldier Halt!
Zuko's Soldier Don't let him escape!
Zuko's Soldier Get him!
Aang jumped of the bow. Instead of a splash in the ocean, he appeared gliding up to the cliff as the Zuko and his men watched in amazement. Aang was reunited with his bison creature, with Katara and Sokka.
Aang Thanks for bringing Appa to me. The Fire Nation is up to something. I have to go back now.
Sokka We'll come with you.
Aang I can take you back to the village.
Katara We're going with you.
Appa flew off the cliff, out of range as Zuko watched in despair.
Iroh You found the Avatar.
Zuko For a moment, I had my honor back.
Iroh Your destinies are tied, Zuko. That, you can be sure of.

Act II(a), The Avatar Returns

Katara Narration: Aang flew us to his home. He told us how he left there in a storm on Appa, and got forced into the ocean where they almost drowned. Aang Airbended a sphere around them, and ice formed. And he couldn't remember anything after that.
Aang, Sokka, and Katara arrived at the Southern Air Temple on the high mountains.
Aang Hey, Chinto! Monae! I'm back! Hey, guys! I want you to meet someone!
Katara This is where you live?
Aang They must be playing some trick or something. Monk Gyatso is gonna try and jump out and scare me at any moment. He's the teacher responsible for me.
Aang jumped down.
Aang He's kind of like my father.
Katara Is it OK if you tell me your name?
Aang The monks named me Aang.
Aang lead them into the Temple area
Aang OK, guys! Enough!
A flying lemur flew towards Aang.
Sokka Spider-rat! They're poisonous! Get behind me.
Aang He's a flying lemur-bat. We keep them as pets.
Katara Weren't they extinct a long time ago?
Aang Extinct? No, there must be thousands of them on this mountain.
Katara Your friends were monks?
Aang I know where they are right now. They're at the prayer field.
Aang raced across the player field, went down a flight of steps.
Katara Aang, wait! I have to talk to you!
Aang was shocked to human remains and an unkempt field
Katara Aang... I think you were in that ice for almost a hundred years. The Firebenders started a war.
Aang I left a few days ago.
Katara Aang, the Fire Nation knew the Avatar would be born into the Air Nomads... so they exterminated all the Air Nomads.
Aang You're lying!
Aang last sentence echoed the entire area. Aang found a necklace on one of the remains.
Aang This is Monk Gyatso's. I made it for him.
Aang had flashbacks when he first gave the necklace to Monk Gyatso.
Aang Nooooooooo...!
In his rage, his eyes and tattoos glowed pure white and strong winds began to circle around him, lifting him up.
Sokka Katara! Stay away from him!
Aang was in trance and entered the Spirit World.
Sokka Echo: Katara! Stay away from him!
Katara Echo: Your friends were monks?
Aang walked into a cave. While looking around inside, a head of a dragon popped out from the mist.
Dragon Spirit The Avatar? Where have you been?
Katara Echo: Aang! You can't bring Monk Gyatso back, but Sokka and I can be with you as long as you need! Don't give up! We can do this together! Aang
Aang left his trance and exited Spirit World. Aang opened his eyes. Katara was behind him.
Commander Zhao spotted Zuko on his ship out in the sea
Commander Zhao The banished prince. Let's offer him lunch.
Cut scene to the mess hall on the Zhao's ship. Zuko and Iroh sat with Zhao on the main table, in front of Zhao's men in the hall
Commander Zhao I wanted to thank the great General Iroh and young Prince Zuko for dining with us. As you know, the Fire Lord has banished his son, the Prince, and renounced his love of him, and will not let him return to the throne unless he finds the Avatar. The Fire Lord believes his son is too soft, and by doing this, he will become strong and become a worthy heir to the throne.
Zuko subconsciously bended a flame from a candle on the table. Iroh noticed this, then held his hand to calm him down.
Commander Zhao I commend the Fire Lord's discipline. For example, it seems I need to remind Prince Zuko that, during his banishment, he is an enemy of the Fire Nation and is not allowed to wear the Fire Nation uniform. But we will let him wear it today, like a child wearing a costume.
Zuko stood up and whispered to Zhao's ear.
Zuko One day, my father will take me back and you will bow before me.
Zuko stormed off the mess hall. Iroh stood up and followed him. Back on his ship, Zuko gazed at his family picture (his mother, his father, his sister and himself) before has began his training of Firebending and hand-to-hand combat with four Firebenders. Iroh observed from the deck above, while drinking his tea.
Appa landed in a forest in the Southern Earth Kingdom, where Katara, Sokka and Aang set up camp. The winged lemur had become their pet, which was named Momo. Aang sat alone making sense of what saw at the temple and the spirit world.
Katara You OK?
Aang I'll be fine.
Katara You know, my grandma thinks because you're an Airbender, that you could be the Avatar.
Aang How much does the Fire Nation control?
Katara A lot of villages in the Earth Kingdom, like around here. They haven't been able to conquer big cities, like Ba Sing Se, but they're making plans, I'm sure.
Sokka So... are you the Avatar, Aang?
A young boy burst out of the woods and sought refuge with the trio from the Fire Nation soldiers chasing him.
Sokka What is this?
Katara Stay hidden.
Lead Fire Nation Soldier That child is being arrested.
Katara For what?
Lead Fire Nation Soldier He was bending tiny stones at us from behind a tree. It really hurt.
Katara He can bend earth?
Lead Fire Nation Soldier Earthbending is forbidden in this village.
Katara Leave him alone. You're not taking him anywhere.
Sokka No taking anybody away!
Katara popped open her water pouch and bended the water at the soldiers.
Lead Fire Nation Soldier She's a bender!
The water trapped Sokka's arms and chest in ice instead, much to his frustration.
Sokka Katara!
The soldiers arrested Sokka, Katara, Aang and the young Earthbending boy. As they were taken to the prison camp just outside a village, Aang noticed the poor condition of the village and its people. They were shoved through a gateway of a tall metal fence.
Fire Nation Prison Guard Move. You, too.
In the prison yard, there were men on the ground, weary and defeated. The Earthbending boy was reunited with his father.
Earthbending Boy Dad!
Earthbending Boy This is my father.
Earthbending Father Hello.
Sokka That's the Fire Nation's plan, suppress all other bending.
Aang How did this happen to your village?
Earthbending Father Fire Nation sent soldiers. We fought them and defeated them. Then they sent their machines, huge machines made of metal. There was nothing we could do. Those who could not bend were allowed to live in peace, if we were imprisoned.
Aang Earthbenders! Why are you acting this way? You are powerful and amazing people! You don't need to live like this! There is earth right beneath your feet. The an extension of who you are!
The Earthbenders were dismissive and non-responsive
Aang If the Avatar had returned... would that mean anything to you?
Earth Kingdom Prisoner The Avatar is dead. If he was here, he would protect us.
Aang My name is Aang... and I am the Avatar.
Aang had unhooded himself to reveal his Airbending tattoos
Aang I ran away, but I'm back now. It's time for you to stop doing this!
Fire Nation Prison Guard The Avatar would have to be an Airbender. Are you an Airbender, boy?
Katara angrily pushed the soldier away.
Katara Leave him alone!
The prison guard was furious, then tried to grab Katara, but Aang then used his airbending to push him away
Fire Nation Head Prison Guard How is he doing that?
Aang I don't want to hurt anyone.
Fire Nation Head Prison Guard All Airbenders should be dead. Kill him! Firebenders, positions!
Sokka OK! Everybody can help us now!
The Earthbending boy threw a pebble behind the lead soldier; he turned and bended a flame from the nearby fire pit at the boy. The father raised an earth barrier to protect his son.The other Earthbenders watching the event unfold, rose with renewed sense of hope.
Katara Don't be afraid!
Seeking to restore order, the lead soldier with another Firebender launched a large flame towards the father and the boy, but it was blocked by a larger barrier, which was raised by six Earthbenders bending in unison. Another Earthbender raised a rock and accelerated it at the other soldier, and earth-blocked a flame attack from the lead soldier. Sokka took down the lead soldier while Aang took out another. After a few more airbending moves from Aang and a boomerang attack thrown by Sokka, the remaining soldiers retreated. Outside the prison, Aang took out a few more soldiers in the village. After everything was settled, the villagers broke open a shed, where all tools related to bending taken by the Fire Nation were kept.
Old Man of Kyoshi Town They took away any tools related to bending.
Momo went in the shed and knocked over a Waterbending scroll. A villager picked up the scroll and gave it to Katara.
Kyoshi Villager The Fire Nation took this scroll from a member of your Water Tribe.
Katara A Waterbending scroll. This is rare. My mom told me about these.
Aang was taken to the statue of Avatar Kyoshi
Old Man of Kyoshi Town This was you when you were born an Earthbender, two lifetimes ago. You came to our village. Avatar Kyoshi loved games.
Aang I do, too. I mean, I still do.
Aang later met with Sokka and Katara.
Sokka A lot of the villages in this part of the Earth Kingdom are occupied by the Fire Nation, like this village was. They prey on the weakest towns and villages. We should go visit some of these towns, Aang.
Aang I need to tell you something.
Katara What is it, Aang?
Aang I ran away before they trained me to be the Avatar. I don't know how to bend the other elements.
Katara Why did you run away?
Aang The day they told me I was the Avatar, they said I could never have a normal life, that I could never have a family. They said it cannot work with the responsibilities of the Avatar.
Katara Why can't the Avatar have a family?
Aang I asked that! They said that's the sacrifice the Avatar always has to make.
Sokka OK. So, what if we found you teachers. Teachers to teach you bending? Which element would you have to learn first?
Aang Water. Water comes after Air in the cycle. Air, Water, Earth, Fire.
Sokka But there are really powerful benders in the Northern Water Tribe. My dad told me about it before he left. It's led by a princess because her father died. There are teachers there, but all the way on the other side of the world.
Aang We can get there on Appa.
Sokka That's what I was thinking. And maybe we can stop in the villages on the way, start a change in The War in these small villages. Should we try it?
Aang Yes, we should.
The team of Aang, Sokka, Katara, Momo and Appa, set out on the journey to the north. Along the way they visited the villages, where Aang announced the Avatar had returned. In villages that were still occupied by Fire Nation soldiers, Aang used his Airbending to defeat them and liberate the village from their grip.
Meanwhile, Zuko and two soldiers, disguised as travelers of the Earth Kingdom, visited the first village Aang liberated. They also entered the former prison camp and looked around.

Act II(b), The Blue Spirit

Katara Narration: The scroll we had was proving to be helpful. Aang was practicing, but for some reason, he was having trouble with Waterbending. We moved from town to town in the Earth Kingdom. We tried to stay out of sight, but Sokka became concerned we were being followed.
On Zhao's flagship, a soldier entered the war room and whispered some information to Zhao. Later, at the Fire Nation palace, Zhao met with Fire Lord Ozai.
Commander Zhao Sire, I have good news. As you know, I conducted a raid on the Great Library, which most said didn't exist.
Fire Lord Ozai Get on with it.
Commander Zhao I found scrolls in the library. We are deciphering them. But I believe they may contain information as to where the Ocean and Moon Spirits live in this world. With this information, we could bring down the Northern Water Tribe city, we could show the world the true strength of fire.
Fire Lord Ozai I am pleased. Well, Commander Zhao, are the rumors true or not?
Commander Zhao Our spies have discovered someone claiming to be the Avatar. They describe him as just a boy. We should set a trap for this person. We have many Earth Kingdom people under our control. I can leave soldiers hidden in certain locations.
Fire Lord Ozai And my son?
Commander Zhao He had his chance. He missed it.
Fire Lord Ozai Let's hope, for your sake, my son doesn't find this person first and he turns out to be the Avatar. He would return as a hero and, for all purposes, be your superior.
Commander Zhao Well, I suppose it's a race, then.
At the Fire Nation Colony Fifteen located in the Northern Earth Kingdom, Zuko sat with his uncle Iroh sat in a tea shop, with his face hidden by the hood of his cloak to avoid being recognized.
Zuko We're close, Uncle. They've been moving farther and farther north. We're catching them.
Iroh There are a lot of pretty girls in this town, Zuko. You could fall in love here. We could settle down here, and you could have a blessed life. We don't have to continue this, Zuko.
Zuko I'll show you why we must, Uncle. Hey. Hey. Little one, come here.
Zuko You look like a very smart boy. Tell me what you know about the Prince, the Fire Lord's son.
Teahouse Child He did something wrong.
Zuko He spoke out of turn to a general, in defense of some of his friends who were going to be sacrificed in a battle.
Teahouse Child Then Prince Zuko was sentenced to an Agni Ki duel, but when he showed up, it was his father he was to fight.
Zuko That's right.
Teahouse Child He would not fight his father.
Zuko Then his father mocked him and said, "I should bring your sister up here to beat you."
Teahouse Child Then the father burnt his son... to teach him a lesson. (leaves)
Zuko (Turning to his uncle) We'll catch him soon, Uncle. Then we can think about the pretty girls.
At the shore of a sparking lake beside a forest, Katara and Aang practiced Waterbending while Sokka tended to a campfire nearby.
Katara Aang... Try to keep your wrist bent, like it's showing.
Katara What's wrong? You've really been distracted today.
Aang I saw Sokka's maps. We're near the Northern Air Temple. Do you think it would be OK if I just visited there and came back? I'd be back in less than a day.
Later, Katara filled in Sokka in on what Aang wanted to do.
Sokka Why?
Katara He had a vision at the Southern Air Temple prayer field. He talked to a Dragon Spirit who he thinks can help us. He thinks if he goes to another spiritual place, he can get back to the Spirit World.
Sokka I don't think that's a good idea. We started a rebellion. Try to talk him out of it.
Aang continued practicing Waterbending in the dark, while Sokka and Katara were sleeping. He managed to raise the three short pillars of water. As he closed his eyes concentrating, ripples and waves began to form on the lake. He remembered Monk Gyatso giving lessons to him and the other students in the open field and then images of skeletal remains he saw earlier. When he opened his eyes, he was surprised to see the result of his lack of control over Waterbending.
Aang I can't do this. I need help.
Convinced that Aang needed help immediately from the Dragon Spirit, he woke up Appa to head over to the Northern Air Temple. Sokka and Katara woke up and saw him took off. She assured Sokka that Aang will back in a day, but Sokka was concerned the Fire Nation might catch him.
Sokka I guess your talk didn't work.
Katara He'll be back in a day.
Sokka The Fire Nation is following us. If we make a wrong move, they'll catch him.
Appa landed at the Northern Air Temple. As Aang made his way in the temple ruins, he found an old man.
Old Man in Temple Who are you?
Old Man in Temple Why, it cannot be! I've heard stories. Are you?
Aang My name is Aang.
Old Man in Temple I cannot believe I've lived to see your return. I'm an Earth villager, but I visit these temple remains often.
Aang The Fire Nation destroyed this temple. They have ruined everything.
Old Man in Temple No, no, no, not everything. You know, there's a hidden chamber of statues I think you, of all people, should see.
The old man led Aang to a hidden chamber of statues of past Avatars.
Old Man in Temple These are all the Avatars. These are the reincarnations of you over the years. The Avatar Roku was your last life. Now, how did the Airbenders know you were the Avatar, little one?
Aang They gave me a test. They put 1,000 toys in front of me and asked me to choose four. They said I chose the same four objects that belonged to the previous Avatars. That's when they told me I could have no family. Told me I had a responsibility to the Four Nations. There's a ceremony when everyone bows to me. That's when I accept my role as the Avatar. But when everyone bowed... I didn't bow back.
Old Man in Temple You seem like a nice young man. You really do. You will forgive me, won't you?
Aang For what?
Old Man in Temple For luring you down here.
Confused, Aang turned to see him surrounded by Fire Nation archers hiding behind the statues.
Old Man in Temple I have lived in poverty because of your absence, Avatar. So you will understand my actions today.
Other Fire Nation soldiers poured into the chamber - one of them passed the old man a pouch of money as a reward. Unable to escape, Aang resigned himself to surrender.
Aang was later hung from chains in a prayer room in the Northern Air Temple. Aang closed his eyes and entered the Spirit World.
Old Man in Temple Echo: I have lived in poverty because of your absence, Avatar.
Aang found his way back to cave and met the Dragon Spirit again.
Dragon Spirit I have seen a vision of the moon turning red. The Fire Nation has stolen knowledge of us from the Great Library. They are planning to misuse this knowledge.
Aang I will stop them.
Dragon Spirit You must go to the Northern Water Tribe. If they take that city, more will suffer and die, as your Airbenders have. You must go now
Aang Will I stop them?
Aang was forcibly pulled from the Spirit World, being woken up by Zhao.
Commander Zhao Wake up, young man. My name is Commander Zhao. I set this trap for you. Don't worry, I'm not gonna kill you. Besides, you'd just be reborn again, and then the search would continue. So where have you been all this time? And how is it that you're still a boy? I understand that when you freed that handful of towns, you were very impressive, but... you only used Airbending against my soldiers. Now, why is that?
Later, a Fire Nation tank rolled on the bridge that connects to the temple. A blue-masked figure had slipped underneath and grabbed onto its undercarriage, hitching a ride. Zhao was addressing his assembly of soldiers in the courtyard.
Commander Zhao The Fire Lord and I have a plan to ensure our reign and the downfall of our enemies. I am sending a personal message to the Fire Lord, informing him that the once feared Avatar is our prisoner and no threat to our might.
The figure headed towards the prayer room, steathly taking down the soliders posted along the way there. He entered the prayer room.
Aang Who are you?
The figure pulled his dual swords about the strike.
Aang Wait! Don't...!
The figure severed the chains. Aang went down on the floor and held up his chained hands.
Aang Stop!
The figure cut the cuffs off Aang's hand. He gave Aang's staff back then motioned Aang to follow him. Zhao and his assistant was heading towards the prayer room when he discovered the downed soldiers.
Commander Zhao Fools.
His assistant quickly ran back upstairs to alert the other soldiers.
Zhao's Assistant Close the inner gates! The Avatar has escaped!
Aang used his Airbending to knock two soldiers block his path. He entered the temple courtyard with the blue-masked figure, referred by the soldiers as the Blue Spirit. They were surrounded by many Fire Nation soldiers.
Fire Nation Soldier #1 Lock down the gate!
Fire Nation Soldier #2 Lock down all the gates!
A fire attack from behind forces them to evade and split up, fighting the soldiers on the opposite sides on the courtyard. Aang ended up in the practicearea.
Fire Nation Soldier To the main post!
Aang This was their practice area.
Fire Nation Soldier Go again!
Aang used the Airbending practice area to take out the soldiers, then lept out of the courtyard and ran on the stepping pillars that the soldiers were unable to follow. Aang was about to fly out using his staff-glider but seeing the Blue Spirit still fending off the soldiers by himself, Aang flew back to fight alongside him.
Commander Zhao Do not kill the Avatar! He will just be reborn again!
The Blue Spirit quickly grabbed Aang and threateningly held his sword at Aang's throat.
Commander Zhao Why are you doing this? Who are you?
Zhao noticed a human mouth behind the blue mask. Zhao acknowledged that had no choice but to let them go.
Commander Zhao Open the gates. Let them out.
The soldiers remained at the courtyard while the Blue Spirit led Aang across the bridge. Zhao head up on a high balcony.
Lead Archer Is it some kind of Spirit, Commander?
Commander Zhao Not at all.
Zhao turned his head to the Lead Archer.
Commander Zhao Do it.
At the end of the bridge, Zhao's archer shot down the Blue Spirit with single arrow. The soldiers rushed across the bridge to capture them. Aang discovered the unconscious Blue Spirit was Prince Zuko. He used his Airbending to pull in the fog and mask their getaway.
Commander Zhao What is this?
Once the fog cleared, Aang and the Blue Spirit was nowhere to be found.
Aang took care of Zuko till the next morning, then left Zuko still unconscious by the camp-fire in the forest, leaping from tree to tree.
A few days later, Zhao arrived at the Fire Nation palace, being summoned into the throne room.
Fire Lord Ozai And how did he escape?
Commander Zhao I fear that your son is not only incompetent, but also a traitor. Of course, I cannot prove this, sire.
Fire Lord Ozai You think... my son is this person the soldiers are calling the Blue Spirit.
Commander Zhao Yes.
Back in the Northern Earth Kingdom, Iroh was relaxing and receiving a foot message from an earth villager woman when Zuko walked past him.
Iroh Zhao's men were searching the coast, looking for you. They also searched the ship. I told them you went on vacation with a girl. Where were you for the past four days?
Zhao's Assistant Nowhere. We have to keep moving. The Avatar is traveling again.
Iroh Take rest first. It looks like you went through a great deal. When you wake, we'll have tea together before we start the engines.
Fire Lord Ozai Voice Over: Do not harm my son. Leave him to his isolation.
Commander Zhao Voice Over: You have my word, sire. I will not harm him.
As Zuko lay down on his bed in his ship, he noticed something hissing near the torch on his wall. Zuko dashed out just before the ship exploded into a huge, orange fireball. Iroh moved into to protect the woman from the blast as he cried out to Zuko.
Iroh Zuko!!
Cut to scenes of Appa (carrying Aang and the others) swimming towards the Northern Water Tribe.
Fire Lord Ozai Voice Over: And what of the Avatar?
The scene cut back to Ozai's throne room
Commander Zhao We assume he has rejoined with his supporters. It has been confirmed that he's traveling north. It is my strong belief that he is traveling to the Northern Water Tribe.
Aang and the others found Waterbenders practicing in the open water. Sokka waved at them. They were led to the city of the Northern Water Tribe.
Commander Zhao Voice Over: I believe the child Avatar has only knowledge of his birth element, Air. I believe he is trying to learn in the discipline of water. He's gone to seek out someone in the Northern Water Tribe, where they have lived beyond our reach and openly practice Waterbending.
Aang and the others were led into the city, the entranced sealed shut behind them with Waterbending.

Act III, The Siege of the North

Katara We arrived at the Northern Water Tribe. We presented ourselves to the royal court. My brother and the princess became friends right away. Aang showed them he was the last Airbender, and was accepted to train with the master. The city knew our arrival would bring great danger. And they prepared for war they knew would come in the ensuing weeks.
Master Pakku laid out their defense strategy to Princess Yue, with Sokka by her side.
Pakku The city was designed to withstand any assault. If we keep them to the courtyard and the marketplace till night falls, where we have the advantage, we will succeed. If we let too many of them into the city, their sheer numbers could overwhelm us. As many fires in this city should be put out as possible when the alarm sounds. We want to minimize their bender sources. I must assign a guard to be with you at all times, Princess. Your presence is our inspiration.
Sokka I'll do it. That's me. I'll be her guard. Nothing will happen to her.
Pakku I had a feeling you might volunteer.
At the Fire Nation palace.
Fire Lord Ozai I've heard no word of my son for quite some time. Do you know where he is?
Commander Zhao I've not heard of anything, sire. I'm sure word of him will come to us soon.
Fire Lord Ozai The Northern Water Tribe benders are given their strength by the Moon and Ocean Spirits. They will be difficult to defeat. Now, if for some reason the Spirits were not involved, that would be different. What have you learned from the stolen scrolls?
Commander Zhao We have deciphered the location of the Moon and Ocean Spirits.
Fire Lord Ozai It is our have found this information, Zhao. Eliminate the Spirits. Take the city and we will have thwarted the Avatar in the process.
The Fire Nation fleet was later seen leaving the ports, heading out to the city.
Katara and Aang has been attending waterbending classes taught by Master Pakku.
Pakku Water is what?
Students The flowing element. The element of change.
Pakku To master water, you must release your emotions, wherever they may lead you. Water teaches us acceptance. Let your emotions flow like water.
Pakku Aang, would you like to spar? You haven't sparred in a few days.
Pakku encased Aang in an icy prison; Aang gracefully waterbended the ice away. Pakku send him three water balls, which Aang successful caught in mid-air and dispersed.
Pakku Now, use offense, Aang
Aang attempted an offensive move as instructed, but he only managed to raise droplets of water and inadvertently raised the waters in the nearby canals. Aang stopped, realizing his still lack control over his incredible waterbending ability, as Pakku and the students watched in astonishment.
On the Fire Nation flagship that was leading the rest of fleet, Iroh met with Zhao on the upper deck.
Commander Zhao General Iroh, I'm glad you could accept my invitation to join us on this historic event.
Iroh Your invitation was most gracious.
Commander Zhao You are a gifted strategist. No one can argue that. Your failure in the Hundred Day Siege of Ba Sing Se won't be held against you. Your son died in that siege, didn't he?
Iroh Yes, he did.
Commander Zhao Again, I offer my condolences on your nephew burning to death in that terrible accident.
Iroh Thank you.
Sokka and Princess Yue has been spending enjoy each other's company.
Princess Yue I've loved spending these weeks with you, Sokka.
Sokka Me, too.
Princess Yue Should we see what the ocean is doing today?
They head over to the fort walls for the ocean view.
Princess Yue When there is some safety for all of us, I will come visit our sister city in the Southern Water Tribe and spend some time in your home.
Sokka That would be great. But I warn you... my grandmother will ask you a lot of questions.
Princess Yue What might she ask me?
Sokka She'll say, "Why is your hair white, young lady? You look very odd."
Princess Yue I would say to your grandmother, my hair is white because when I was born, I was not awake. My mother and father could not get me to make a sound or move. So they prayed for days to the Moon Spirit and dipped me into the sacred waters. My parents said that my hair turned white then and life poured into me.
Sokka Wow. You didn't tell me that.
Princess Yue You didn't ask me. Only your grandmother did.
Iroh went below deck and met with Zuko, who was still alive.
Iroh I'm sure Zhao was the one who ordered the attack on you.
Zuko Any problems?
Iroh We have arrived at the Northern Water Tribe's stronghold. They believe the boy is there.
Zuko Why do you seem upset, Uncle?
Iroh Zhao has no sacredness. Are you sure you want to be here?
Zuko I will not be allowed to live in peace until I bring the Avatar to my father! Is that not clear to you?
Aang and Katara were practicing their waterbending forms when the black ashes were falling all over the city. Yue was confused.
Princess Yue What is this?
Sokka Yue... the Fire Nation is here.
The ashes came from the burning engines of the Fire Nation ships. At the rear of Zhao's flagship, Zuko wearing a white camouflage suit stepped into a small boat.
Iroh Now be sure to keep your uniform closed up to your neck. And remember, your Chi can warm you.
Zuko I know, Uncle.
Iroh Be safe.
Zuko headed out near the shore of the stronghold, then dove in. He found a spot underneath the city with thin layer of ice, then generated heat from his chi to melt the spot and broke through the surface, into an unoccupied room.
Sokka took Aang into the balcony room, to see Princess Yue, who was overseeing the Fire Nation armada with Katara.
Katara Aang needs to ask you something.
Aang I have to talk to the Dragon Spirit. He can help me defeat the Fire Nation. Is there a spiritual place where I can meditate?
Princess Yue There is a very spiritual place. The city was built around this place. But we must hurry.
Yue led Aang, Katara, and Sokka to the place. Zuko noticed them from the rooftops, and followed them to an entrance into the side of a icy hill. Inside, they stepped into a spiritual cave with a oasis pond. In the middle of the pond was a tree with a ground path leading to it. Momo reached into the pond to touch one of the two fish, one black and the other white.
Aang Momo, be nice.
Momo scampered and flew away.
Aang To get your Airbending tattoos, you have to meditate for long periods of time without losing focus. Some of the great monks can meditate for four days.
As Aang sat down to meditate near the tree, two fish swirled together in a circle and glowed in their insides.
Princess Yue I have to get back.
Sokka I'll take you.
Katara I'll stay with him.
Sokka escorted Yue back while Katara stayed with Aang as he meditated into a trance.
Katara Aang? Aang, can you hear me? I knew you were real. I always knew you'd return.
Zuko Me, too.
Katara The Fire Lord's son. You took him from our village.
Zuko set his torch down to set the grass on fire, as Katara took a defensive stance. Zuko sent out a fire blast, which she took out with two large stream with water from the pond. With the second blast, Katara took it out with a single stream. Zuko was surprised and impressed of her waterbending ability.
Zuko Who are you?
Katara My name is Katara, and I'm the only Waterbender left in the Southern Water Tribe.
Zuko then firebended a curved blast and a straight blast. Overwhelmed with the complexity of Zuko's attack, she deflected the curved blast but was knocked hard against the tree with the other blast.
As the large city bell was rung, the Northern Water Tribe residents hurriedly sought for shelter all over the city. Soldiers were seen lining up on the fort walls, overlooking the large Fire Nation fleet nearing its attack range. As Master Pakku gave out the battle cry, the soldiers rattled the end of their spears against the icy floor for morale.
NWT Civilian Go for the children.
NWT Civilian Yes.
Zuko rested her Katara's unconscious body next to the tree and checked her condition.
Zuko I'm not allowed to go home without him.
Northern Water Tribe soldiers and Waterbenders were seen lining up on the fort walls, overlooking the large Fire Nation fleet nearing its attack range. As Master Pakku gave out the battle cry, the soldiers rattled the end of their spears against the icy floor for morale.
Iroh entered the war room on Zhao's ship.
Iroh The Waterbenders get power from the moon. They will get stronger as the day comes to an end.
Commander Zhao General Iroh, I've been keeping a secret.
Iroh And what is that?
Commander Zhao In my raid of the Great Library earlier this year, I found a scroll that tells the location of the Ocean and Moon Spirits.
Iroh To meet a Spirit would be a great honor.
Commander Zhao Well, I hope I can give you that honor.
The Fire Nation invasion of the Northern Water Tribe stronghold was fully underway. A firebender riding Komodo-rhino stepped off the ship's platform and scaled up the icy fort walls. At the top, the firebender used the fiery metal spheres catapulted from the ship to blast the city below. Spinning drills broke through the surface at many locations within the city, where soldiers emerged from the sea below.
Sokka came back to the spiritual place with Yue, and found Katara lying unconscious near the tree. He woke her up.
Sokka What happened?
Katara Prince Zuko's here in the city. He took Aang again.
Elsewhere, Zuko placed Aang down in a storage room in the stronghold, still in trance with his hands bound with rope. Zuko peered out the window, looking down the battle taking place below.
Zuko We'll just wait till everyone's fighting everyone. Then in the night, we'll slip out.
Back to the point when Aang entered the Spirit World
Katara Voice Over: Aang, can you hear me? I knew you were real. I always knew you'd return.
Aang saw the lanterns which led him back to the cave again.
Aang Hello! Hello!
Aang entered the cave and found the Dragon Spirit inside.
Aang Please, tell me how to beat the Fire Nation!
Dragon Spirit You are not dealing with the loss of your people, and your responsibility for their deaths. You are stopping yourself from grieving. You are angry. You must let this go. As the Avatar, you are not meant to hurt others.
The Dragon slithered past Aang and slithered out of the cave, but then peered back at Aang
Dragon Spirit Use the ocean. Show them the power of Water. Go! Do this now.
The Dragon spread its mighty wings and lifted itself into the sky, as Aang left his trance.
Zuko Voice Over: My sister Azula was always the special one. She was a Firebending prodigy.
Aang found himself hand bound in the storage room, and overheard Zuko talking while he was still looking out the window.
Zuko My father loves her. He can't even look at me sometimes. He says I'm like my mother.
Aang took off, leaping over barrels, with Zuko chasing right behind him. He firebended the flames from the torches to take Aang down, in the process blasted away items in the room.
Just outside the stronghold, a firebender concentrated a large flame through a nozzle on a ship to breach the fort wall. The succeeded in creating a hole, which was large enough for Fire Nation soldiers and Komodo Rhino-riders to freely enter the city. Master Pakku was seen waterbending the soldiers in the courtyard. Back on the flagship...
Iroh I advise that you pull back your men soon. They will be trapped in the city when the moon's power comes out.
Commander Zhao Do not worry about the moon's power, General Iroh.
Iroh Why should you not be worried about the moon's power?
Commander Zhao Because your brother, Fire Lord Ozai, and I have decided it is in our best interests to kill the Moon Spirit.
Iroh What?
Zuko searched for Aang hiding in the storage room. His hands now free, Aang used airbending to distract Zuko and tried to escape. The situation escalated to a fight, later with firebending and airbending.
Katara followed Sokka and Yue back into the city, with the battle ongoing.
Katara Calm down. We'll find him.
Katara then saw the flames illuminating from the window of the storage room from the city below.
As the fight between Aang and Zuko turned into a standoff, they noticed that room was rumbling. The water in the barrels began to shake, then spiraled to Zuko encasing him in ice. Aang turned to see Katara, who just completed her Waterbending move.
Katara Are you OK? Did the Spirits tell you anything?
Aang Yes. The Dragon Spirit talked to me. I know what to do.
Katara Aang, we have to go.
Katara then left the room with Sokka and Yue. Aang peered out the window was astonished at the battle in the city. Before leaving the room, he melted the ice around Zuko's head so Zuko can breathe.
Aang You won't be killed by Waterbenders if you stay hidden here.
As Aang walked to the doorway, he turned towards Zuko.
Aang We could be friends, you know.
Zhao and Iroh entered the Water Tribe stronghold through the breach, flanked by Fire Nation soldiers. He used the scroll from the Great Library to lead his men and Iroh to where they needed to go.
Commander Zhao They're getting stronger. This is a scroll from the Great Library. This is our map. Our world is going to change soon, gentlemen.
Some soldiers from approaching the civilians.
Fire Nation Soldier Right there and right there.
Soldiers stepped back, seeing Appa growling at them.
Elsewhere, Aang was heading towards the courtyard with Sokka, Yue and Katara, when he noticed Zhao heading somewhere with the scroll in his hand.
Aang See where they're going! I'll go join the fight!
Aang joined the fight in the main courtyard. Meanwhile, back at the storage room, Zuko used his chi-heat to melt the ice and free himself. Elsewhere, Zhao and Iroh ended up at the same spiritual place where Aang meditated.
Commander Zhao They are called many names: Yin and Yang, "push" and "pull". May I introduce you to the mysterious Ocean and Moon Spirits?
Zhao scooped the white fish into his pouch.
Commander Zhao Why do Spirits take the form of such benign things? It leaves them so vulnerable.
Iroh To teach man kindness and humility.
Zhao was about to kill its vulnerable form.
Iroh Commander Zhao, there are certain things humankind should not tamper with. The Spirits and the Spirit World is one of them.
Just then, Katara, Sokka, and Yue burst into the spiritual place.
Princess Yue What are you doing here?
Iroh Stop, Zhao. The world will go out of balance. Everyone will be hurt.
Commander Zhao The Fire Nation, is, too worry about children's superstitions, General Iroh.
Iroh Commander Zhao, don't.
Commander Zhao We are now the gods!
Zhao overcame his hesitation and stabbed the fish with his dagger.
Iroh No!
Princess Yue collapsed onto the grass, as if she was the one who was struck. Outside, pain shot through Aang’s head. The moon slowly turned red, casting a sickly crimson glow over the Northern city. The waterbenders also lost the Moon enhanced powers.
Fire Nation Soldier Man all battle stations!
The waterbenders also lost the Moon enhanced powers. Back at the spiritual place…
Commander Zhao You are too soft, General Iroh.
In rage, Iroh created large fires from his hands out of nothing.
Fire Nation Soldier He's making fire out of nothing!
Zhao, unable to comprehend this great power- and certainly unable to combat it- turned and fled from the spiritual place, along with his men. Iroh lowered his hands and his flames died down and disappeared.
With the Moon power gone, more Fire Nation soldiers were pouring into city, through three breaches now made on the fort walls.
Water Tribe Soldier They're breaching the wall!
Water Tribe Soldier To the front!
Aang looked at the losing battle surrounding him, as the Dragon Spirit's words were heard again…
Dragon Spirit Echo: As the Avatar, you are not meant to hurt others. You must show them the power of Water.
At the spiritual place, Yue and the others grieved for the loss of the Moon spirit.
Princess Yue All is lost.
Iroh You have been anointed by the Moon Spirit.
Princess Yue He gave me life when I was a child.
Iroh Then there is still a chance. You can give your life back for the Spirit's.
Sokka Don't listen to him, he's Fire Nation.
Iroh Nothing is ever truly lost.
Princess Yue Is it mine to give back, if I choose?
Iroh There are reasons each of us are born. We have to find those reasons.
Princess Yue This was the reason I was born.
Sokka Yue, please.
Princess Yue There is no love without sacrifice.
Sokka Yue, what are you doing? You don't know what will happen.
Princess Yue I believe my life force will leave my body and return to the Moon Spirit.
Sokka And then what?
Princess Yue My soul will no longer exist in this form.
Sokka Please don't do this. There must be another way. I can't let you do this. I'm supposed to protect you.
Princess Yue My people are dying, Sokka. Those who are in charge of others have a responsibility. It is time we show the Fire Nation we believe in our beliefs as much as they believe in theirs.
Sokka But Yue...
Princess Yue I'm scared. Don't make me any more scared. I will miss you more than you know.
She gave Sokka a final kiss and entered into the pond. As her life force left her to revive the Moon spirit, her white hair turned black. There was a pause in battle when the Moon reverted back to its natural glow.Iroh lifted her lifeless body out of the pond and laid her down on the grass. Distraught, Sokka cried over her lifeless body.
Zhao was on a bridge, seemingly in despair of his failure of killing the Moon, when Zuko stepped out from the mist, walking towards him.
Commander Zhao I killed you.
Zuko prepared to duel Zhao when Iroh appeared.
Iroh Come away from him, nephew. There are too many soldiers now. They will never let you take the Avatar. We must leave immediately. He wants to fight you so he can capture you, Zuko. Walk away
Zuko stood his ground, staring at Zhao with deadly intensity.
Iroh Come!
Zuko turned and walked back towards Iroh. As they walked away, the enraged Zhao bended a large double-spiral fire attack to them. Iroh quickly stepped in front of Zuko and redirected the flames to sides, shielding him and Zuko.
Iroh You stand alone. And that has always been your great mistake.
They left Zhao standing alone on the bridge.The flames had attracted the attention of four waterbenders, now blocking Zhao's path off the bridge. Outnumbered, Zhao had no way of escaping and no chance of defeating them, especially with the return of the Moon's power. Refusing to surrender, Zhao provoked the waterbenders by bending a fire shot that barely hit any of the waterbenders. He then took off his cloak and waited to be finished off. Four large stream of water bended from the river below engulfed Zhao into a water sphere, drowning him.
Aang raced towards the fort wall, using waterbending to trap and stop Fire Nation soldiers along the way. He sent an airbending blast through the courtyard, opening a path through the battle forces, leading him right to the wall. At the top, he looked out at the vast fire Nation fleet in the ocean.
Pakku Voice Over: Water teaches us acceptance. Let your emotions flow like water.
Letting his emotions flow like water, he recalled images of his life with Monk Gyatso and his friends, and then the fateful event where everyone bowed to him but ran away instead of bowing back. Freeing himself of his guilt, Aang used with the Ocean’s power to push a massive body of water up against the fort wall, and Moon’s power to pull it towards the sky. His eyes and tattoos glowed bluish-white as he unleashed the power of Water. The battle paused again at the incredible feat of waterbending. The Fire Nation soldiers in the city tried to retreat through a breach but it was blocked by the water. Aang bended the water towards the Fire Nation fleet but kept it hovering threatingly above them. Knowing that the water could easily crush the fleet, the Fire Nation accepted defeat and turned away. Aang bended the water back into the ocean and watched the fleet in retreat.
Katara Aang?
Katara hugged Aang as he was cheered from the city below. She and Sokka helped an exhausted Aang down the stairs into the courtyard. Aang saw the entire Northern Water Tribe waiting for him. They all knelt and bowed before him. The remaining Fire Nation soldiers left in the city also bowed, in awe of his power and moved by his show of mercy.
Katara They want you to be their Avatar, Aang. We all do.
Katara and Sokka bowed alongside the others. Finally accepting his role as the Avatar, he bowed back.


The story closes with Ozai's exposition at the Fire Nation place, directed to his daughter Azula, who was kneeling before him.
Fire Lord Ozai Our forces in the Northern Water Tribe have failed to take the city. General Zhao was killed in battle and my brother has become a traitor. My son's proven himself a failure. Now, Sozin's Comet is returning in three years. It will give all Firebenders the ability of the highest Firebenders, the ability to use their own Chi to create Fire. That is the day we will win this war and prove the Fire Nation's dominance. Now you must stop the Avatar from mastering Earth and Fire. You must give us the time to get to that day. Do you accept this unspeakably important task I'm putting in your hands?
Azula I do, Father.