"[If they tried to take you away,] I'd kill them all... because you're my sister, because Dad told me to protect you with my life. "
Sokka to Katara in The Last Airbender.
Nationality Southern Water Tribe
Gender Male
Played by Jackson Rathbone

Sokka is a seventeen-year-old warrior from the Southern Water Tribe. He and his younger sister Katara found an airbender named Aang who later is revealed to be the Avatar who has disappeared for almost 100 years. They accompany him on his journey to the Northern Water Tribe to find a Waterbending master.


  • Sokka's name is derived from the Japanese phrase (here presented in Romaji) Sou ka, meaning "I Understand". "Soka" is a Japanese term meaning "value creation", and is an educational philosophy that promotes creating value in knowledge and giving it to others. Sokka's name in "The Last Airbender is pronounced as "Soh-ka" instead of "Saw-ka" as it is in the show.
  • His animated counterpart has a shorter warrior's wolf tail.
  • He is less comedic than he was in the show. Sokka's characterization and depiction was closer to the episodes "Jet" and possibly "Bato of the Water Tribe". He had some funny moments but more serious, level-headed, and responsible.
  • Sokka is more perceptive than his cartoon counterpart. He stated that it cannot be a coincidence that Katara broke Aang out of the ice, light shoots into the sky and now the Fire Nation arrived to the South Pole instantly. Also, Katara narrated that Sokka became concerned that the trio were being followed when he noticed the smoke behind the trees, like in "The Chase" episode.
  • It was Sokka's idea to go to the North Pole so that Aang and Katara can learn waterbending, as opposed to Aang suggesting it right after penguin sledding in "The Boy in the Iceberg".
  • Even though going to the North Pole is the Team Avatar's top priority, Sokka suggested stopping by small Earth Kingdom villages on the way to start a rebellion by building up support from the inside. Unlike in the series, he was usually the one to go against it, as the Earth Kingdom never really happened in those situations, only in the "Imprisoned" episode in Book One. As shown in that episode, the earthbenders can already fend for themselves and started the rebellion on their own without the trio's assistance.
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