"I will not be allowed to live in peace until I bring the Avatar to my father!"
— Zuko to Iroh in The Last Airbender.
Nationality Fire Nation
Gender Male
Played by Dev Patel

Zuko is a banished prince from the Fire Nation. His father Fire Lord Ozai will only allow him to return if he captures the Avatar, who has not been seen for almost a hundred years. With the help of his uncle Iroh, he races against his rival half-brother Commander Zhao to find Aang, the current Avatar and the Last Airbender.

In The Last Airbender film, he is played by Dev Patel.


  • Zuko's anti-hero status was done with less subtlety in the film, rather than gradually revealed throughout the original animated series, which highlighted the moment this status was confirmed when Zuko turned against his father and joined Aang. Shyamalan may have established Zuko's anti-hero status more quickly due to the racebending controversy, with Zuko cast was with a dark-skinned minority actor, while the hero side (Aang, Sokka, and Katara) cast with light-skinned actors.
  • Zuko was shown as feeling remorse for others, something his animated counterpart was blind to as of Season 1 in the series. This was shown when he apologized to an unconscious Katara after he defeated her in the movie, whereas in the series he smugly rubbed in his victory over her.
  • Zuko no longer has a ponytail like his animated counterpart, which may suggest another story element to be dropped in the sequel, where Zuko cut off his hair as a symbol of severance from his family and the Fire Nation in Season 2.
  • The story of Fire Lord Ozai burning the face of his son Prince Zuko (who was then banished) was well known among Fire Nation people, including colonials in the Northern Earth Kingdom. Ashamed, Zuko remained hooded to avoid being recognized by the locals at Fire Nation Colony in the Northern Earth Kingdom. In the animated series, most Fire Nation people (including Lieutenant Jee) thought the scar was a result of a training accident.